July 2009 – Week 4

October 6th 2009 – Way behind now. But the Light Maps show is up at Zephyr Gallery, the opening reception was last Friday (Oct 2nd) and it was a great weekend. Thanks to Natalie Biesel and Drew McChesney for their help and making the whole project an awesome success and really amazing and fun experience. And thanks to everyone else for their help and support. Morgan Hamilton made the best food I have ever had at a reception. Shelly put together a really incredible music list and did a few other immensely helpful tasks to make the night what it was. Natalie Felker was a kickass DJ at the after party. And I had a few friends come from as far as northern Ohio, Massachusetts, North Carolina and New York. And of course, it doesn’t lessen the awesomeness for all those local friends who came out. Even ones who are on crutches.

So with out further ado, I am going to share with you the last week of July this year.

DAY 840 07.22.09 – A beautiful Maple tree between the on-ramp and interstate, up on a grassy hill. I waited till dark again so as to have my walk and time away from my parents. It sprinkled lightly asI walked to the tree and during the climb, but the canopy of the leaves kept me dry. I climbed and moved easily to the top and took some more awful night shots. I have not yet figured out my new camera. I talked to Natalie a while on the phone and moved slowly down the limbs as we talked. Then I dropped and rolled and she couldn’t even tell.

DAY 841 07.23.09 – A tree in Cox’s Park. I went first to a tree I had climbed in the past since it was dark and I was not too in the mood to find a new tree. But then decided against it and went looking for a new one anyway. I didn’t have to go far before I found a decent one. I climbed almost to the top, paused for a while then went back down.

DAY 842 07.24.09 – Poplar near parking lot at EP Tom Sawyer Park. I’ve climbed this one a few times before but never at sunrise. The start of the climb was trickier than before since more of the lowest limbs were now dead.

DAY 843 07.25.09 – Honey Locust at the corner of Brownsboro Road and Story Avenue at Beargrass Creek Park near MSD. It was dirty, thorny, mossy, with dead limbs. I took pictures of a large car lot, possibly the city’s impound lot. Then I climbed down, covered in tree nasty and went home to find friend at the house cooking out.

DAY 844 07.26.09 – I climbed a couple of trees just off the Beargrass Creek Trail near the intersection of Grinstead and Lexington. Difficult climbing but low. I went all over and took a lot of pictures. I wanted to get to this large dead tree in the center but instead just took pictures of the big fungi growing on it.

DAY 845 07.27.09 – I climbed a wonderful Oak tree at the Falls near the building with Natalie in the evening. We had just eaten with Drew and Shelly at Richo’s. It was my first beer since June since I took the month off. Probably the most healthy and alert month I’ve had in a long time. But beer is just too good to give up completely. 

DAY 846 07.28.09 – A Maple in Joe reason Park. Damp, dirty, and not very high. I took pictures then got a call from Chris Radtke. She told me the curator of the Speed would like to meet me and talk about my work! Woohoo! Made the climb much more memorable and special. It turned the cloudy dark evening into a beautiful memory.

DAY 847 07.29.09 – I waited for Natalie at the bottom of Haldeman Ave. in a maple tree I had climbed a few time before in the first year. One of my favorites. After walking to Kroger with Nat and then saying good night I went back to the tree and climbed to the top. There was not too much storm damage thankfully.

DAY 848 07.30.09 – White Birch by the Belle of Louisville. Not high, not great, good pictures but forgot to change ISO from 1600 for night pictures from previous climb. Realized my mistake and took all the pictures again.

DAY 84907.31.09 – Last 4×5 Yancey Shoot with Drew in Cherokee Park at the fallen grandfather Beech. We walked down the dark path in the woods and the insects were loud. I saw a light moving up by the tree and Drew grabbed his camera and hid further down the path. I thought it was a cop but had to sneak closer to check it out. I saw a tent and approached. I scared the shit out of a young guy named John. I told him I wanted to do a shoot with a light suit. He was cool with it and said he was around for "the gathering" and I didn’t even ask. I did four climbs and got 4 pictures since Drew forgot to take the sleeve out once. As I climbed John ate ramen, asked if I had any weed, and fell asleep. Shady character but the shoot went fine. Let’s hope they turn out.

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