August 2009 – Week 1

October 6th 2009 – Two months to catch up on. I can do it, I can do it. The hottest month turned out to be one of the coolest. In the first week I get very into my Macro function on my camera. Enjoy!

DAY 850 08.01.09 – On a stone, I jumped to a tree trunk, climbed up rested to settle my uneasy stomach, then down and jumped to another big stone. I was in Cherokee Park with Mark for a Parkour run but I had eaten a big Q’doba burrito just before hand and it was hurting my stomach something fierce. I would like to go back to that tree and take a picture of the hollow twist in the trunk.

DAY 851 08.02.09 – A tree off the Beargrass Creek Trail.

The sun was setting.

I rode on my SIZZLER skateboard to get there.

I talked to Rachel on the phone in the tree. I set up the pick-up for Abbey (the dog) at the airport for the coming week. I had planned to go to the Comedy Caravan to see De do his stand-up. But first I wanted to stop at Walgreens so I skated down Payne.

(Some shots from earlier in the day I liked)

DAY 852 08.03.09 – A tree near JoAnn Fabrics off Shelbyville Road. I took pictures. It was midday. At the top I had a view of the St. Matthew’s Mall. Just not much else to say.

DAY 853 08.04.09 – A small tree just outside and east of Drew’s studio at night after eating dinner with Natalie. I climbed up fast and hoped to get high enough to see into the apartment at 1018 W. Main.

Creepy? Natalie thinks so, but she thinks I am always watching people.

When I was done shooting pictures (which came out better for night shots on my new camera) I climbed down. As I reached the bottom of the tree I looked back and saw a man walking towards me down on the sidewalk. I dropped down and he was just feet away but didn’t say anything. I just walked back to the studio and avoided eye contact.

DAY 854 08.05.09 – Two hackberry trees on the Waterfront. I was groggy at Parkour so I went to climb to wake up. I climbed up the smaller one and transferred to the larger. Below me was a dog obedience class. A bad one with a lot of loud NO yelling. I didn’t have my camera and took one shot with my phone.

I sat a while then quietly climbed down but still felt tired.

DAY 855 08.06.09 – Tree type unknown to me at the moment… that bothers me. It is located on the other side of the fence along the path across Witherspoon from the Extreme Park. I threw my SIZZLER over the fence then hopped it. At the top of the tree I discovered a split limb and made sure to stop there.

I took a bunch of shots, macro mostly, then climbed down.

I had to get back home to get home to make some food.

(Some more pics I made on my way to climb this tree)

DAY 856 08.07.09 – I climbed a tree on the Belvedere that was full of birds.

It was windy and dark. I was paranoid of getting caught by the security guard at the BB&T building.

I had left The Late Seating’s Rooftop Concert to climb and met up with my friends after I climbed down.

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