YEAR 3 – April 2009

As I pledged, I am continuing to climb everyday. I have discontinued my efforts to record the experience in detailed writing or to document it with images and video in any consistent way. I now just find a tree, climb, and enjoy. But I am keeping track of all the trees for future reference in the form below. I have also included a few images and a video that I thought were interesting.

DAY 731 04.04.09 – tree in park downtown where I threw Dick’s hat into it, then climbed to get it down

DAY 732 04.05.09 – damaged tree at Water Front then bike before huge t-storm.  Was underneath the interstate off River Walk Trail when deluge hit

DAY 733 04.06.09 – sycamore off Adams with two empty birds nests

DAY 734 04.07.09 – tree by picnic benches near playground and Great Lawn downtown


DAY 735 04.08.09 – sycamore at Tumbleweed playground after LPK meet-up

DAY 736 04.09.09 – left BBC Taproom and climbed tree over on Hancock near Creation Gardens, people leaving Bats game

DAY 737 04.10.09 – tree in grass next to St. Joe’s Church.  Wet and full of x-mas lights

DAY 738 04.11.09 – two trees at Camp Trash off Chimney Top at the Gorge with Tim & Natalie.  Yancey shoot, met Josh from Velocity who’d heard of me hours earlier

DAY 739 04.12.09 – Easter.  Climbed 4 tree-transfer in parents’ front yard to test for future Yancey shoot

DAY 740 04.13.09 – climbed tree in back yard while talking to Rachel on phone.  Lightning struck and rain started so I quickly got down

DAY 741 04.14.09 – tree by Extreme Park on my balance workout… climbed just before falling off concrete post

DAY 742 04.15.09 – sycamore on 2nd Street near Bearno’s after pizza with LPK group

DAY 743 04.16.09 – Yancey shoot at my parents’ 7 trees in total climbed twice each

DAY 744 04.17.09 – tree out front of next door neighbor’s house before eating Penn Station with Norm and Drew

DAY 745 04.18.09 – tree at Thunder, and many trees in Cherokee Park with Mathias

DAY 746 04.19.09 – tree on Webster near St. Joes Church.  saved tree from wire wrapped around branches

DAY 747 04.20.09 – leaf-covered tree in park on corner of Franklin & Wenzel, awful free throws at park, then Yancey shoot and run from the cops out of Cherokee

DAY 748 04.21.09 – Tree with vines on edge of fence off Adams street at night, semi drove past, didn’t see me.

DAY 749 04.22.09 – River Birch in small park on Wenzel & Franklin, Josh Beast was laying on bench below, could touch leaves of maple I climbed on 20th

DAY 750 04.23.09 – Tree next to pavilion at Hays Kennedy Park in Prospect. Branches damaged and split, jumped to ground and scared two people

DAY 751 04.24.09 – Sycamore in Eden Park in Cinci. Catholic school kids spotted me and yelled, "get down," "you’re going to get yourself killed," "that’s awesome."

DAY 752 04.25.09 – some sycamores on Broadway downtown, and a big tree by the Norton Hospital

DAY 753 04.26.09 – small, strange tree by creek in development across the street from parents’ place. It was short and dark

DAY 754 04.27.09 – Bishop’s Pine for a failed sunset shoot with Natalie, hands covered in sap

DAY 755 04.28.09 – small tree on corner of William and Frankfort walking with Norm and Drew after J Gumbo’s

DAY 756 04.29.09 – a multi-trunked tree at the Falls with Bruce and Mark watching. Got very high and scraped my knee.

DAY 757 04.30.09 – my favorite poplar at Tom Sawyer Park with Aaryn and her cousin, the top was very windy