July 2009 – Week 3

August 24, 2009 – This is the week I got my camera just before leaving for my West Virginia trip with family. We went to Blue Stone State Park for the weekend then I went with my parents to Clarksburg to visit my sister who had her second child. The pictures will start telling more of the story from now on.

DAY 833 07.15.09 – Natalie and I went to Nita’s liquor store on Frankfort Ave. to buy bourbon for Drew and Shelly’s trip to Chicago. Then we climbed a Maple tree by the rail road near intersection of Ewing and Frankfort.

DAY 834 07.16.09 – Mount St. Francis. 4 trees, up a little one onto a broken, suspended trunk, up to a small maple, over to another maple and down. Then searched for four-leaf clovers. (didn’t find any)

DAY 835 07.17.09 – Bluestone State Park, West Virginia. Poplar tree out in front of Cabin #23. New Camera. Casio Exilim FC-100. Fungi covered bark with strange green parasitic growth. 50-60 feet high.

DAY 836 07.18.09 – I ran out to the entrance of the park. Climbed an oak at the top of the hill. I took many pictures with my new camera and loving the macro focus. Then I climbed down and took pictures of the nearby bridge.

DAY 837 07.19.09 – Large, thick Poplar behind the pool at Bluestone. All my family was watching plus a few strangers. Scott and mom took pictures but the leaves were very thick so I wasn’t very visible. I kept pushing upward and scratched my arm up a little. It was a good challenge and I didn’t even get to the top.

DAY 838 07.20.09 – Climbed a nice oak tree in Amy’s backyard next to her garden. Mom, dad, Amy, Kurt, Evan, Tanya, and Mitchell watched. I took pictures from up in the tree. I love my new camera.

DAY 839 07.21.09 – Another Poplar with curling and dying leaves all over, at night on the corner of a street in Bridgeport, WV. Took my first night shots with my camera. Not so good. Need to work on that. Also, today was the birthday of Jason Hamilton Keesee, my second nephew.

My first nephew Mitchell:

Mitchell meeting his little brother Jason for the first time: