Commission on Public Art – Louisville, KY

Here is the video of the On The Floor event that was held at Metro Hall in Louisville, KY on March 21 of this year. I was one of 5 cultural producers who presented a public art proposal for one of two public sites.

To fast forward to my presentation go to 48:00 – 56:00. Then the Jury responds to my Presentation on 1:18:00 – 1:21:20. And finally, at the very end they select me as the winner for my site!

The project, the Detritus Orb, is a departure for me from my tree-climbing work. It is loosely related but it was the goal of COPA to push us to make a piece that goes beyond our normal practices. It is unfortunate that the event was an Idea Competition and at no point was there a chance that these projects were expected to be realized. It was just a public display of how COPA would function in the city and bring public art to reality. The jury process is a closed door process and by making it open to the public, they were forced to make the event a demonstration rather than a real juried process for an actual public art selection.

That all being said, I was honored and flattered to be selected by the committee to participate. It was a good practice in conceptualization and presentation. Thanks to all that were behind the scenes, who helped, supported, participated, and attended the event.