DAY 57


DAY 57

I walked the stone and grass trail along side the woods towards the white Mount St. Francis water tower. I passed by a tree I had climbed in early April and almost couldn’t recognize it with all the accumulated growth. As I walked I was constantly bothered and buzzed by bugs flying around and landing on my head. I also found myself preoccupied looking for 4-leaf clovers in the many patches I encountered along the way. I came to a very small pond near a religious wooden hut. There on the edge of the woods was a tree similar to that of day 55, only smaller. The trunk split at the base and the two main lines continued up very close to each other. I jumped for the first branch and used limbs on both trunks to pull and step myself higher. I felt very secure and enjoyed this climb. Though I didn’t get very high, I was in the top of this tree, choosing the one trunk side that went slightly higher. On the way down I focused on the other trunk and the other side than the way I came up. It seems as though I am drawn to use as many different branches as possible on the way down. That is, except in trees where options are limited and I fear for my life.

5-31-08:  I like how you guys can just scroll down to DAY 55 to see what I am referring to.  I am also so glad my four leaf clover obsession has passed.  Last night I went to an art opening at Zephyr Gallery in Louisville.  It is the gallery I am an apprentice member of.  The show was about sound work and is really great.  (If you live in Louisville, you should definitely go check it out.)  I was hanging out in the back of the gallery where a band was setting up and I saw a patch of clover growing between the brick.  In the middle of conversation I had trouble turning my head back to my friends.  For a few seconds I quickly scanned for four leaves and then stopped myself.  It was a close one.

Just before the opening I met Basil at Tyler Park to climb a tree.  We scaled the old stone bridge wall and once on the street I spotted a nice sycamore next to the road.  There was a power line that rubbed a part of the trunk about 15 feet up.  At first this seems dangerous, but as a thrill seeker, I am now drawn to trees with power lines that run through them.  You’ll see in coming entries… but it adds another obstacle, an element of challenge that I like.  I ran up the slightly leaning trunk and grabbed the first limb after a few tries.  I climbed up and made it past the line with no difficulty.  Then I continued up to the top.  As I positioned my body to free my hands to manipulate my camera a huge gust of wind sent me bending backwards and it really caught me by surprise.  Eventually I could feel Basil starting to climb the tree as well.  Ever since he has started climbing with me it is a strange feeling to be in the top of a tree and to feel the slight shake of another person over 50 feet below.  I, of course, took some pictures and a video.