October 2009 – Week 2

The week of the moves. I helped Drew and Natalie move in, out, you name it,we were all over the place in the rain, cleaning. Fun times. I got the climbs in when I could and didn’t have my camera on me much. Except on the 12th when I was apparently camera happy.

You’ll also notice how much I love my Macro function on my new camera. So beautiful.

Again the italic sentences are thoughts and memories I just added today.

DAY 918 10.08.09 – I walked to the BBC from my new house in the rain. Before I left my front yard I climbed the River Birch. It was wet and dirty and soaked my wrists. But I moved quickly, paused shortly at my high point, then climbed quickly down to get to the bar. I am going through the trees in my yard pretty quickly. Might want to think about saving some for bad weather days or sick days.

DAY 919 10.09.09 – Helping Drew move on this lovely rainy, dark day. At the end of it, I went out front and tried to climb this one big Beech but couldn’t get a grip on the slippery bark. So I walked a little further down the grass median on Hite Ave. and found another Beech with some low limbs I could reach. As I climbed up I thought I saw Tish Quesenberry, a fellow Zephyr artist leaving her house. I know she lives on Hite and I almost yelled something, but then looked closer and was not really sure it was her so I stayed silent. Probably a good idea. No need to scare people on dark, wet nights. I climbed back down, soaked, dirty and ready to call it a day.

I was totally right, it was not Tish. She lives more towards Brownsboro Road.

DAY 920 10.10.09 – I climbed a nice big Beech tree in the median right in front of Drew’s place. I had tried the other day but failed due to the heavy rain slickness. But with the dry weather I was able to maneuver up pretty high.

Still waiting for the leaves to fall to get a more clear view out of the trees. Fall… where are you?

At the beginning of this climb I ran into a spider web and brushed it from my face. Then I felt eight little legs gripping my lower lip. I frantically swiped it away and had to sit there and just shake the ECK out of my mind.

This leaf is from that morning when I met up for breakfast at Nancy’s with Drew and Natalie. Natalie saw this leaf and wanted to take a picture of it. I thought it was really nice so I am sharing it. Devin also happened to show up at Nancy’s. A pleasant surprise.

DAY 921 10.11.09 – First bright red Maple of the season. I was driving through Cherokee and went up by the new fenced in Dog Park area. I had climbed a Maple there last October and remembered it being quite lovely. It was the same one as last year and once I saw the brilliant reds I was drawn in.

I went up the branches carefully as I saw a lot more bark damage… not sure from what. Birds or some sort of pest. The limbs were plentiful and made for a very fun climb. I stopped at the top and was disappointed I didn’t have my good camera on me. I want to climb this one again soon to get some nice shots.

DAY 922 10.12.09 – Walked down Frankfort and found a HUGE Hackberry tree right next to the railroad track across the street from the hardware store. It took some figuring to see how to get up onto the first branch, but i did. Thank god for the strong ridged bark of the Hackberry tree. It made for nice finger holds. Then from there I worked my way up with the early evening sun shining through the browning leaves. I made it all the way up to the top

and had a great view of Frankfort Avenue

but still am chomping at the bit for the leaves to change colors and fall. I took a bunch of pictures

then started to climb down. It was a great fun tree with a couple nice challenging spots. Very rewarding and a nice jump and roll to the ground to finish off the experience.

Later that evening Charlotte drove in from Lexington to see me show with her mom. And Leigh Ann show up too. Thanks guys.

Then we met up with Drew, Natalie, Shelly, Morgan and Ole (Drew’s friend from IU) at Maido. Then to the NACH! After the bar a few of us went to the Felkers’ place since we met up with them at the bar. I took more pictures there I like.

Ben Felker


Charlotte was watching something on Ole’s phone about genocide. Thought that might explain the look on her face.

Natalie Felker. I think I just caught her listening to the record she put on.

DAY 923 10.13.09 – Waited till late again to climb. Natalie and I met at Whole Foods and picked up ingredients for a nice Thai dinner. We went to Drew’s and cooked. I made spring rolls and a peanut dipping sauce and Nat made an amazing tofu, pasta, veggie with peanut sauce dish. Some good beer to top it off and I was sleepy and stuffed afterward. We started to watch this special on KET2 about "Obama’s War." It was really depressing so I went out and found a Ginkgo tree in the grass median. I went up the small limbs with a little difficulty and then took some nice night shots at the very top.

It was a nice challenge that warmed me on the cool night. Then back down.

DAY 924 10.14.09 – Climbed a very slippery maple in front of the Presbyterian Center during a cold and wet Parkour jam. It was just Mark, Math and I. We were having a decent work out despite the bad conditions. I was drawn to the lights from the new stadium being built so I went up the tree but was disappointed I didn’t have my camera on me. I took one shot with my phone but the lights were too bright for it. I also scared the crap out of a squirrel and sent it scrambling all over the tree. It was very freaked out. I, on the other hand was very calm as this same thing has occurred recently and I now have less fear of being attacked.

Earlier that day my mom brought in her Homemakers Club to the gallery to see my show. Thanks for the support, mom!