October 2009 – Week 1

The week of the opening. Light Maps at Zephyr Gallery 610 E. Market Street. Gallery hours Wednesday – Saturday 11am- 6pm. Show is up till November 14th. Also open this coming Friday for the First Friday Trolley Hop 6-9pm.


I have included a lot of images from the opening reception. Enjoy!

It was a big culmination and build to this event. Years in the making really. Couldn’t have done it without the help of my Photographers and friends Natalie Biesel and Drew McChesney. They did so much more too to make this a reality. Really, I can’t thank you guys enough.

Oh, and I climbed some trees that week too.

DAY 911 10.01.09 – Tree in front of Lottery building across from Drew’s studio. I went up while I waited for Natalie to show up. I could see into the lottery building but saw nothing interesting. When I saw Nat’s car I climbed down and crossed the street and scared her.

DAY 912 10.02.09 – Tree on waterfront with Hilary. Talked for a while before she broke a limb and freaked out. Left during after party.

The opening! What a long but great day. All these wonderful friends came out to support me, Natalie Biesel and Drew McChesney’s work. Morgan Hamilton and Shelly Biesel helped so much with food, drink and music to make the night so successful and scrumptious. Everyone was just so awesome. Thank you all so much. Drew threw an after party at his studio which was amazing even though my feet were so tired and sore I couldn’t dance. Natalie Felker DJ’ed and the music was excellent.

It was during the after party I invited Hilary Plum, a college friend in town from Massachusetts, to join me for a climb as I mentioned above.

Love you guys! Especially Natalie and Drew, thank you and congratulations to you, it was an amazing and successful show!

(And thanks to Natalie and Shelly Biesel, and Julia Davis for taking these wonderful pictures:-) )

DAY 913 10.03.09 – Three trees at Waterfront between Tumbleweed and UofL boathouse. I have climbed those trees three times before but on this fourth time around I went up higher than I ever had before. Scott and Julia watched. Julia shot some pictures.

Earlier that morning many of my friends from in and out of town met up at North End Cafe for brunch.

Jennifer and Norm, and myself


Drew and college friend Hilary

My bro Scott and his gf Julia.

Cassandra, Jason, and little adorable Ani from Akron.

DAY 914 10.04.09 – White birch in back yard at dusk. Not very high, not very interesting.

Worked really only as a way to wake me up.

DAY 915 10.05.09 – Climbed tree in back yard with metal cables stuck in overgrown bark. I went up after dinner with my parents. Once I got into the limbs I kept climbing higher and higher till I reached the top.

I could see some neighbors doing something… I think they were putting a dog kennel together. They never saw me. I took some pictures and could see just a little bit of the Louisville skyline. Sweet tree, I’ll definitely be back up in this one many times.

DAY 916 10.06.09 – I went to eat at Havana Rumba with Natalie and Drew. Then we went to Drew’s new place on Hite to check it out. It’s a sweet pad. Nice house, basement, garage, backyard, awesome front porch, and a nice big front yard with the largest River Birch I have ever seen. I walked up to the trunk and looked at my options. They didn’t look good. All the branches were too high to reach and I had on a nice sweater and feared the damp tree would make me a mess. But spotted a nub of a pruned limb close enough for a short shimmy. I felt the trunk and it was mostly dry. I prepared, jumped, squeezed, reached, and was in the limbs. I shot up fast to the top and had an okay view of the neighborhood.

I definitely want to climb this one again in the winter when all the leaves are gone. (Sweet house, Drew, nice find! Can’t wait to hang there.)

DAY 917 10.07.09 – I climbed another small Sycamore at the Waterfront Playground by Tumbleweed during Parkour. I took a picture of the Weed with my phone from the top of the tree.

Math was below patiently waiting to take his turn at the tree. It was a fun night of Parkour. I had taken too much time of from it during that last month with all the moving and show prep. Good to be back. And thank god I didn’t get injured.