October 2009 – Week 3

This week seems to be the first in a while with a little more consistency in entry length and picture taking. Short and sweet with a few images. But the Cottonwood climb at the Falls below is a favorite as of late. I really should climb more during the day. The images seem to have a better chance of turning out.

Speaking of which, I have been catching up so long on this blog today, it’s already dark out and I haven’t climb yet today. Oh well.

DAY 925 10.15.09 – Bunch of trees by off ramp of I-64 onto Mellwood on my way to the BBC.

I connected between about five trees that were mostly trunks with a few limbs to grab hold of, but most were dead or dying.

DAY 926 10.16.09 – Another large Beech in median area in front of Drew’s house during chili potluck.

Got to the top.

All I had was my phone so the image below is quite poor. I was trying to capture all the friends’ cars out in front of Drew’s place.

DAY 927 10.17.09 – Huge Cotton Wood at Falls.

A parkour meet-up at the Falls of the Ohio that ended up just being Mark and I. He watched skeptically as I started to climb this massive tree. The lowest branches looked dead and week, but I managed to use them successfully without breaking them. Love this tree. I got up near 70 feet I believe and since Cottonwood leaves go first in the fall, it was practically clear leaving the view open to the wonderful day and incredible surroundings.

that’s Mark right there.

That driftwood is an entire tree.

DAY 928 10.18.09 – Catalpa at Clifton Park singing ad-lib country songs.

I am not going to explain that one. I was just singing with a twang some stupid lyrics I was making up.

DAY 929 10.19.09 – Big Maple on the corner of Morgan T’s street, Rosewood, and Baxter. I had wanted to climb it in the past but was too chicken shit to do so. Now I think there are no people living at the house so I felt at ease to trespass.

DAY 930 10.20.09 – Hackberry by the Clifton Center Community Garden off Payne.

It was a rough and painful shimmy up the trunk to the first limb.

Tree covered in old dead vines. I didn’t go up any further, just over to a limb that ended up providing a very comfortable seat.

To avoid the painful shimmy down I just hing from the limb I was on and dropped.

DAY 931 10.21.09 – Climbed a little Sycamore growing between the amphitheater steps near Tumbleweed on the Waterfront.