DAY 23

DAY 23

A disappointing and scary climb. I picked a tree on the edge of a wood so only one side of the tree had decent branches. Plus, the first branch was so high I had to start way out where it hung down and shimmy towards the trunk. Once on that branch I could reach the second, but getting on that was hard and I was too scared to get to my feet. The third branch just wasn’t close enough and I was too high to risk it without a backup grip. So I gave up going high and walked out on the first branch as far as I could. I tied my ribbon and climbed down. I’m just frustrated I let my fear get the best of me because the treetop looked fun.

4-27-08:  It’s funny to read this because that day’s climb had a profound affect on how I climb now.  If a certain tree or move in a tree seems really hard, scary, and/or ridiculous I now have to do it.  Anytime I challenged myself it made that experience so much better and usually expanded my abilities. 

Yesterday I climbed a large tree with very shaggy bark.  It was a nice slow climb to the top with careful movements.  Then I took a video at the top of my view.  I would appreciate hearing what people like in these videos, what they don’t, and what other stuff they might like to see in my videos.

Then I went to Basil’s 19th birthday party.  Will and I amongst a house full of college freshmen.  It was actually a really fun party though at times a little strange.  Like when they all freaked out because there was a cop outside the house.  Then at the end of the night Basil left and we had to walk 3 or so miles to get home.  All in all a goon night though. 

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  1. You should edit “goon.” Also, “affect” should be “effect” I think.

    You look rather high up in the air!

    I am happy to see that challenges call out to you now. I hope you stay safe, adventurer. Maybe worry a little more about the ridiculous trees, hmmm? C’mon, I have to look out for you.

    I assume you had to be careful on the shaggy tree because its dandruff was slippery.

  2. Thanks for the editing tips.

    My philosophy about safety is this: I don’t want to die or get injured so I won’t allow that to happen. Mistakes can happen but you can always work to prevent them. I work hard to know my limits. And after watching some tree climbing videos, I find that I climb slowly and carefully compared to those careless climbers. But at the same time, my draw to climbing is the thrill, the danger, but mostly my overcoming incredible obstacles with my own hands and feet. I also think, if I died climbing, what better way for me to go?

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