DAY 22

DAY 22

After dropping off a resident at the airport I made my way to Iroquois Park. I waited for the rain to break and headed for the North Overlook. I was careful to select a tree I was comfortable climbing in the wet conditions. I didn’t have a lot to choose from and the one I chose was not ideal. The branches were wet and many were dead and already broken. The only thing I had going for me was the thick bark that helped with grip. Once in the tree it was a constant debate about stopping or continuing higher. At my highest point I was pretty scared. The nice thing about the situation was my seclusion. The road and path to the overlook were blocked off and on the way back to my truck I encountered two young deer. I was probably 15 feet from them. They paused and I spoke with them. But they didn’t have much to say.

4-26-08:  If you are ever down near Iroquois Park I highly recommend the overlook.  Here is view from there, credit to the wiki entry on the park:

Only I climbed on one of the few rainy days of last year.  Now climbing a slippery wet tree in a down pour is no problem.  It was the recent ice storms that gave me a little more trouble.

I’ll also explain about the resident/airport situation.  I was the resident coordinator at the Mary Anderson Center and it was my job to pick residents up, drop them off, clean the house, buy their groceries, be at their beck and call.  It was an rewarding experience and really got me started in my current string of artistic accomplishments.  I recommend to any artist to look into the work exchange fellowship residency at MACA.

Yesterday I almost forgot to climb a tree.  So as Will, Charlotte, Matt and I walked to Actors Theatre for the Late Seating we climbed a small little tree on Main Street.  I gave the camera to Matt and the result was awful.  You can’t see anything but you can hear stuff, so turn up your volume and prepare to listen. 

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