Luckily, my previous job handling boxes everyday toughened up my hands so the bark on the trees don’t bother them. What does hurt my hands is the bitter cold wind. I’m ready for warm. Today’s tree is right behind the Loftus House where I’m living. I can see this tree from my window. It hasn’t any leaves yet, but these little green things are all over. The great thing about climbing this tree was how easy it was to move all about the branches. Sometimes I get stuck choosing one path but in this tree I could really move freely.

4-6-08: If you look closely in the picture of the tree you should be able to see a spec of orange. That is the ribbon I tied signifying my highest point in the climb.

Again, Iclimbed yesterday, but only to the first branch. Maybe it’s my way of weaning myself off the habit. Or perhaps a way of taking a break without stopping.

If this is your first visit, please view my post from the 4th of April to read the introduction, thanks