I drove to Seneca Park to climb a tree. The one I chose had many branches that started low on the trunk. Once in the tree I could tell many of the branches were dying and ready to break. I had to be very careful. When I stopped climbing I noticed many tiny holes in horizontal lines on numerous branches. I concluded that woodpeckers made them. I wanted to take a piece of bark with a hole in it, but could not succeed. The cold still lingers.

4-7-08: When I read what I wrote it sounds so matter of fact. 8 sentences of boring. I describe much more in future entries, it just takes me a while to get there. And the pictures too. On some of these first climbs I would snap one shot and leave. Now I take 15-30 shots for each climb.

I climbed yesterday. It was quite amazing and got me re-energized about continuing the project. I went up a small tree, climbed into a big tree, went down to the trunk and out another branch, then into another little tree and down. It made me realize how much I’d be missing if I stopped. There are so many trees out there, how can I ever stop?

If this is your first visit to my blog, welcome, and please view my post from April 4th for the introduction.