Trip 2010 – Last Days in NYC

To bring you back up to date: I left at the end of February 2010 and flew to NYC to stay with my brother Scott. During the month up North I visited Boston and Amherst, MA. For this blog entry I’ll be sharing my last few days in New York before the long train ride West. Enjoy!


Prospect Park in Brooklyn, this time with Thomas Brown. Fellow Louisvillian and Ice Sculptor. Currently he lives in Brooklyn and it was great to meet up. We walked around the park catching up and looking for a good tree to climb. With a friend to boost my courage I chose a nice large tree next to a fairly trafficked path. As you can see in the pic above, Thomas warded away any concerned or angry parties with his stick on the ground below.


I climbed this cedar on a beautiful and sunny day in Central Park. The park was full of people enjoying the warming Spring days. I had just seen the most amazing exhibit at the Museum of Art & Design with Julia, my brother’s girlfriend in town from North Carolina. The show was called Slash and was 2 floors of the most incredible and intricate paper art. Best show I saw or have seen in NYC or anywhere for that matter. Favorite exhibition of all time!


My college friend Garret Kinsey cooked a large pork shoulder for a delicious meal to send me off on the rest of my journey. As the meat roasted in the oven we headed out to get hot sauce and climb a tree. Garret lives on the Upper East Side and we ventured over next to the river and stumbled onto the Mayor’s mansion. It’s funny because to Bloomburg, this must feel like a small cottage. I don’t think he stays there at all. So I felt no qualms in climbing a tree on the property. Plus, I had Garret there to keep an eye out:

The meal was delicious and shared with a wonderful group of friends. Thanks for the great send off guys!


On my last morning in NYC I went for a walk with Julia & Scott through SoHo and China Town. We stopped at the long strip of playgrounds and courtyards and I climbed this small tree. Scott & Julia sat below and I captured them in the midst of their conversation. One of my favorite shots from the trip.

My train ride from NYC to Portland, OR soon to come. Stay tuned…

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