January 2010 – Weeks 2-4

Though I did climb everyday, I did follow through with the plan and did not photograph most of the climbs. Hence the cramming of 3 weeks into one entry.


A clear view out from a tree in the middle of Tyler Park


So all these captions are coming from my memory as I review these images. And I couldn’t tell you where this one is from. At first that is vexing but a nice mystery at the same time.


A tree revisit at Roberta B. Tully Elementary School in J-town


Took Javier for a walk and hopped up onto a branch by Baxter Theaters. That was literally all I did for that climb. Oh well.


MaryLiz and Guillo came to Louisville from Spain and I went around the city with them to show them the sights. Of course, we had to stop at Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park to climb a tree. We ended up playing with the cool features of my camera.


A late stroll through Tyler Park


Did you know there was a rocky cliff constantly dripping water behind the McDonald’s on Brownsboro Rd by Kroger?


Coming down to the last days in my Jane St. house I climbed many of the trees in the yard for the last time with a sentimental touching of each limb.


This tree is just outside Devin French’s house in Germantown near Seidenfaden’s. I was there for a party and climbed the tree just out front that seemed to be short. No one thought I could get as high as I did and get the view above the second floor.


I don’t remember exactly where this is but I it looks like Germantown near the Nachbar. And for some reason all these shots of the little houses close together are attractive to me right now and I wanted to include all four.


From the top of a Cedar tree in Cherokee Park just off Grinstead near Lexington Rd. intersection. There was a bright moon and it was a calming climb for my last day at my house. I moved back in with my parents and was planning to leave for my trip soon after.