February 2010

I moved out of my little house on N Jane St. at the end of January expecting to leave soon for a rambling adventure of travel and tree climbing. But circumstances delayed the trip and I didn’t leave till the 27th. The month was cold and many tree climbs happened quickly and without photography. The few I did I will now share with you.


Groundhog Day. But more importantly the LOST season 6 premiere. Viewed and enjoyed at the McChesney compound with a nice climb just beforehand.


Don’t remember the location, but it sure is pretty. A rare blue sky.


Since I moved out of a place of my own and didn’t want to spend the time and money to always drive back and forth to town from my parents’ place out in Buckner, I stayed at my friend Morgan’s place in the Highlands. This is from a night in a Holly tree by the church on the corner of Baxter and Winter.


So Morgan let me sleep on her couch and in exchange I walked her dog, Javier, a lot. I always took him to Tyler Park and I’d let him off leash so we could run. I’d often chase him into the fenced in playground area and try to catch him. There were quite a few times he had me on the ground in the snow with a fast juke. Good ol’ Javi.


I believe this is another tree in Tyler Park. I often would not climb with Javi since I didn’t like to leave him tied up while I climbed. He would usually freak out if I did. So I would put off climbing till late at night and run back over to the park by myself to climb. The previous two years of climbing in cold weather I braved the climbs with bare hands. This winter I broke down and wore gloves.


I remember talking on the phone in this tree. When I pulled my phone out to answer it a fortune from a cookie flew out of my pocket and slowly spun and spiraled down into the middle of the Cherokee Loop. I kept my eye on it, and after ending my conversation and climbing down, I ran over and picked it back up. I read it and it said, “You will find that which was lost.”

Not really. I don’t remember what it said. (hehe)


That looks a lot like Hite Ave. near Drew’s place. Trying to remember my place in time from a snap shot is an interesting challenge. When it clicks my state of mind at the moment can come rushing right back.


This is the large River Birch in front of Drew’s house the night before I left town. A few friends came over for a little going away potluck. I remember I sliced my hand open when I tried to run up the trunk and grab the pruned stump of the lowest branch.

I woke up the next morning to a dusting of snow, grabbed my pack and messanger bag and Drew drove me to the airport. Posts about my travels soon to come…