January 2010 – Week 1

I am back and now playing catch-up. After day 1000 on Dec. 29th I debated whether to stop this daily climb routine. Then 2009 became 2010 and I debated again. I have realized no matter how much I debate I cannot stop. What I have stopped doing is keeping track of what tree, where, and on what day I climbed (Although I do not keep track on paper my mind somehow remembers it all anyway). I am letting go of the details and of the urge to have to document each climb with photographs and writing (trying to). Perhaps this initial letting go will lead to a larger one.

Till then, some images and anecdotes of January 2010, week 1.


Mark Lewis and I at EP Tom Sawyer Park climbing and parkour-ing


Another Saturday at the Falls of the Ohio with my fellow traceurs

When we got down to the water beyond the driftwood I found a couple small trees covered in icicles


Pods from a tree in my backyard on Jane St.


A view out from 60 ft up in a Sycamore in Cherokee Park


A beautiful Osage Orange tree next to a rocky cliff just off the intersection of Mellwood and Zorn Aves. Love my macro function.


From left to right: Christian, Jeremy and Mark. True hardcore traceurs training in some damn cold winter wind and cold at waterfront park.


Beauty and snow come back to Louisville.

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