November 2009 – Week 1

There are a couple shots I love from this first week of November. Not much else to say and as you can see I didn’t have much to say from those days either. I think November was quite minimalist in my thoughts. I also spent so much time folding origami I put off updating my climbing journal all throughout the month.

DAY 942 11.01.09 – Tree by Java Brewing House and Rail Road on Jane St. Hurt leg.

Love this picture. Got the train engine just as it came by me.

DAY 943 11.02.09 – Tree on corner of Hite and Frankfort Ave. No leaves, full moon, leg feeling much better.

DAY 944 11.03.09 – Oak tree by a church off River Road. I parked and there was a woman in her car. I walked past the tree to a pumpkin stand and it was empty. So I walked back to the tree and climbed in. I went slowly up as high as I could trying not to break too many limbs. I took pictures on this clear blue sky afternoon, then climbed down. I went very slowly down because a couple people showed up to take down the pumpkin stand. I didn’t feel like being seen so I stealthily dropped when they weren’t looking and went straight to my truck and drove off.

Some weird bulbous growths on the twigs.

DAY 945 11.04.09 – Maple on Eastern Parkway near Willow. Full of yellow leaves. After hanging out with Garett.

Couldn’t tell so many of the leaves were still green till I shot the flash.

DAY 946 11.05.09 – Cedar at Seneca

Tried to climb another cedar next to this one but couldn’t find a way in. So I climbed this one which I had climbed before.

DAY 947 11.06.09 – Tree in alley near Z-Bar. Parked and found this tree before going in for Fervor show. It was a great climb and really high with a great view of the neighborhood and the moon bright in the clear sky. Felt really good.

DAY 948 11.07.09 – Long Parkour day. Brandon from Indianapolis was in town with Nikki. We went all over the Waterfront. I climbed trees from Day 4 of this project and got stuck in the construction zone of the new Cardinal Stadium. I had to climb back up and into the parking garage. Climbed a few more trees around the garage to get down and back up again. Lots of climbing but no pictures. A great workout and nice to have someone pushing me a little more than usual. Got a kong to precision I have been scared of over in the Presbyterian Center courtyard I have been eying for quite some time.

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