DAY 207

DAY 207
TREE 131

I knew I was going to be going to Norm’s place for my going away party this evening, but I went much earlier then I expected.  I drove with Norman around 3 or so to help him put up drywall at his house.  We did that for a little till Father Paul showed up.  We were all ready to head to Norm’s parents and I decided to walk while they drove.  As I walked the trail I eyed the many pine trees and after yesterday’s climb was much more willing to consider them for climbing.  But so many were little with lots of dead limbs.  I got all the way to the edge of the woods by the house and nothing really hit me.  I did see another poplar that seemed like a possibility but no low branches.  I walked a little then heard a splash.  In the water I saw a head.  It splashed again, went under, then the head emerged once again.  I think it was a beaver.  A pretty cool sighting.  The light was fading so I tore myself away from the swimming animal and walked back to that poplar.  It was doable.  I hugged tight with my arms then raised both legs and squeezed.  Then I inched my arms up, held tight, then raised my knees slightly higher.  I squeezed with my legs again and raised my body up by extending my legs.  It was only inches at a time but I made it up the trunk to the first small limb.  I held it close to the trunk and reached up for the next one with my other arm.  Then one more and I was finally on a sturdy limb.  The rest of the climb was typical and I got to the top.  This tree has a nice straight trunk.  I took some pictures of the beautiful fall colors and the lake, tied my ribbon, grabbed a leaf, and then climbed back down. 

This tree was a good climb with a koala crawl at the beginning.  I always like it when I utilize a new climbing technique that I didn’t even know I could do.  Tree climbing just so intuitive and I have improved so much these past 207 days.  Lucky for me there are so many trees out there.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop being challenged by them. 

10-28-08:  Finally, caught up.  Man, I still regret not eating the dessert at my going away party.  That was one whole year ago and I still think about it.  Norm’s sister Ada made this pumpkin dessert that just looked so good but I stuffed myself silly with Wick’s pizza and beer that I just couldn’t.  I know from now on, when I go to the Silva’s, to always eat everything, but make sure to leave plenty of room for dessert.  I could use some of that dessert right now. 

As for the beaver, and it was a beaver, it took out some of their nice trees so they trapped it and had him removed.  The beaver somehow found it’s way down a creek to their lake. 

Yesterday, after cleaning the gutters and wasting a lot of time in front of the tube I went out for to return the ladder to the gallery.  When I got back I went for a walk in the neighborhood.  I headed down the alley next to the flood wall and found a corner lot with a large empty house.  It had a for sale sign in front and no lights so I figured it was safe to climb a tree that caught my eye with out hassle. 

Plus it is cold and windy and no one was out and about anyway.  I pulled myself up on the low branch and up into the large limbs.  I chose my path and went up as high as I could.  But it wasn’t the highest.  I looked towards the house and there was one other limb that went higher.  I figured a way to climb over through the limbs and got to that branch.  I climbed up to the top and along the way passed some shingles that must have blown off and got stuck during the Ike wind storm.  I got a nice seat and cleared any broken twigs that were in way then took some pictures. 

It seemed every time I needed to be still to take a picture the wind would pick up.  But it would only blow when I was shooting. 

I’d stop and it would be calm.  Nature was against me last night.  The picture I got over the roof of the downtown skyline looks so wavy and blurry it’s like looking through glass. 

I finished my shots, took a moment to take it in without worrying about taking a picture of it, then climbed back down.  It was a good morale booster… just what I needed.

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