DAY 88

DAY 88

I spent the night on Mary Liz’s deck. A beautiful night. Then had a nice breakfast at Toast On Market with a bunch of friends. Rachel called during to say she had changed her flight and was going to be in this evening. So before heading to the airport I stopped at Cherokee Park to climb. I drove around and again eyed a tree with camo-colored bark. I really enjoy these trees. Like yesterday’s, the limbs were too high to reach so I walked out from the trunk, jumped to an overhanging branch and monkeyed in. Up and up on an easy climb. To the top on a nice day with lots of people going by on the road right underneath. I had forgotten to change my ribbon color for July so this tree is marked incorrectly by color, but marked nonetheless. I climbed down and paused on the lowest branch. I got a comfortable seat and relaxed with my feet spread out straight. A perfect nook. Then I hung down, monkeyed back out and dropped smoothly to the ground catching the eyes of some passerby’s. They gave me a little double take. I wonder what they think when people see me climb? It was another nice climb but my mind was a little clouded by thoughts.

7-1-08: Just to be clear, I  used a different color ribbon for each month.  April was orange, May was blue, June was green, and July (or at least 3 days of July) were white.  It was neat to walk around the nature sanctuary, or just drive around Louisville and be able to spot my ribbons and know which month each tree was climbed.  You’ll soon see in Part 2 of this project what these ribbons look like.  I did not want to permanently leave them in the trees so I took them down as I reclimbed each of the trees from the first 90 days. 

Also, my mind was clouded because Rachel was coming early for her visit.  I was planning to say something to her that was very life altering and well… it consumed me.

OKAY!  Yesterday was fun!  I uploaded my 10 images and 4 narrative sections of the grant application online in the morning.  Then, I gathered my application cover form, resume, copy of drivers license, and 2 proofs of residency.  The rules were clear, either they are mailed so that it is in Indianapolis by 5PM June 30th or turned in by hand.  I was all ready to make the drive to Indy, I had my directions, the tank was full, I was dressed nicely.  So I left a little after noon.  I was cruising up I-65 when weird shit started to happen.  My music started to go haywire.  Then I lost my clock on the dashboard.  Then my speedometer needle started to go crazy.  Then my truck began to slow down to 45 mph while the need said I was going over 70.  It slowed further and further till I was on the shoulder puttering a long.  I finally stopped at mile marker 41.  I called Drew, I called my dad, and finally I called Norman.  He came to my rescue (not that I had asked Drew or my dad, I just decided to ask Norman to help get me first).  And he was awesome and came to get me right away.  About a half hour later he rolled up.  We checked the engine, tested the battery, and it was run down way low.  We popped the clutch (sound familiar from yesterday’s entry?  I can’t believe a year to the day I had similar car trouble) and it ran for a little while but cut out when we gave it gas.  Norman was very smart and wrote down the number for a local tow service.  I called and he said he’d be there as soon as he could.  Then I had to figure out what I was going to do about my application.  I needed to deal with the truck and I didn’t want to ask Norman to drive me to Indy and back.  So I called the office and she said, “Good afterno…” and my cell phone went dead.  So I borrowed Norm’s and called back.  I did get to talk to her and I asked if I could fax it.  She thankfully understood my situation and said I could.  Then I asked if I had to have it faxed by 5pm.  No response… Norm’s phone dies.  So, the guy shows up, we tow it a few miles away to a garage and they quickly determine it’s the alternator.  They called and got the part delivered within a half hour.  While I waited Norm took my application to the library and faxed it.  He was a real life saver.  He went home, and then I waited a little while longer while they changed the part.  I payed cash (cause they didn’t take credit card) and went back home.  What an ordeal.  But it all turned out okay and I really just am thankful for Norman and Drew.  I couldn’t have completed this grant without them. 

Yesterday evening I had some people over to grill.  But I had put off climbing a tree so in the middle of the party I got up and went out to climb.  Basil and Erin joined me as I walked right to Lincoln Elementary where there was a tree I had spotted from the last time I was here.  It’s a big sprawling tree with real flaky bark.  Basil doubted I would get very high so I took that as a challenge.  I got up onto the fence and into the tree.  I picked the major limb that looked like it had the most limbs shooting off.  It was a really fun and slow climb.  Some parts I had to hug the large branch and shimmy up to get the next small limb.  I got up very high and it felt damn good.  I took some pictures and a video then waited for Basil and Erin to come by to show them my height.  I guess Basil was climbing another tree and taking his time so I started to yell for him.  He finally walked over, saw me, and I climbed down.  I didn’t realize it till much later in the night but as I went down my shirt got caught and a hole was ripped into it by my left nipple.  Basil made some comment about not liking to wear shirts while he climbs cause they get caught up and rip holes.  He was totally referring to my shirt and I didn’t even realize it.  Anyway… I have typed a lot here today and am ready to be done… enjoy the pics and video:

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    I enjoyed this entry. I first thought that you had told Rachel something exciting on July the first of 2007 and 2008. I told my girlfriend, by phone, “Todd might be making his entries more provocative so he can gain attention for his art.”

    It sounds like the climb was successful, even if it meant a holey shirt.

    Basil got you. What a jokester.

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