DAY 61

DAY 61

I climbed a monster today. I found it by Dog Hill in Cherokee Park. A large wound covered one side of this monster’s trunk, which actually helped in the initial ascent by creating a few nooks and crannies to grab a hold of to reach the strangely small lowest branch. Once beyond that branch it was monster limbs, a split trunk, spindly off shoots, and tough grey bark. Great for my gripping shoes and searching hands. This was a climb that reminded me of the fragility of life. My life was literally in my hands and feet. I spent a lot of time and concentration on each hold and foot placement, not to mention body position, path, using my legs, arms, butt, anything to add one extra point of contact for stability. Then at my stopping point I tied the ribbon, and inspired by numerous marks below, engraved “RBS + TCS.” The climb down this monster was just as hard and slow as going up. But what a rush and what an accomplishment. Really loved that tree.

6-4-08:  I climbed this massive beech tree just after sunset so the light is lacking in the photograph.  If you look closely behind the trunk you can see a picnic table.  That gives you an idea of the size of this tree.  I was definitely scared during this climb.  And like many before me, I felt the need to proclaim my current relationship to the world via bark carving.  I used my key.  If you go to Cherokee Park and look for any large beech tree you will find countless surface wounds in the shapes of letters and hearts.  I thought mine was particularly special because it is so high up in this tree that no one will see it until this tree is cut down, falls down, or some tree person is up there installing a cable. 

Lately it has been quite stormy out… and very humid.  With my itchiness on my legs I decided to put on pants and a long sleeve shirt despite the muggy weather and go outside to climb.  I wanted to stay near my parents’ to experience the cicadas up in the tree first hand.  I went to the empty lot directly behind the house and found something peculiar.  Cicadas do not like trees in the woods.  Once I was in the thick of the undergrowth the sight of their light brown shells disappeared.  Undeterred, I chose a maple with a challenging trunk to shimmy up.  By the time I reached the first branch I was exhausted and hot.  I sat for a good few minutes to catch my breath before continuing upward.  Anymore I have to say about this I’ll leave to pictures and video.

And finally, I thought I would share the results of my poll.  Thanks to all for participating.  It looks like the game is called LIMBDYLIMBS!

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