DAY 28

DAY 28
TREE 33 & 34

I could tell the rain was coming so I stepped outside from the house and found another tree near by. Again, I had to use a very small tree to reach the first branch of the big tree. But once in the big one it was pretty easy going. I got up pretty high and debated going a little higher but decided against it because the main branch was badly damaged and partly dead. The leaves in this tree are really getting big and numerous. I had trouble seeing down and out through the foliage. But I’m sure it’s only going to get thicker. And when I got out of the tree, I took my pictures and the rain just started. Good timing and good climb.


5-2-08:  The picture above is just a close up of the small tree I used to get into the big tree next to it.  I have another picture of the large tree from a distance but it just looks like a bunch of leaves.  Though I prefer warmer weather, I think I prefer tree without leaves.  I love the way they look when you just see the branch structure.  Though there is an advantage, sometimes, to being hidden by the leaves. 

I picked up my freshmen year roommate, James, from the Cincinnati airport yesterday.  He came in the for the Derby this weekend.  We sat and ate gumbo and drank beers and tried to decide what to do yesterday afternoon.  After realizing it was too late for a bourbon distillery tour and the Muhammad Ali Center had already closed its doors, it was off to the Falls of the Ohio.  The Falls are fossilized corral beds exposed by the damn they built on the Ohio River.  You can see millions of fossilized creatures and plants from millions of years ago.  Too bad their informational building had also closed.  But we just walked around the rocks checking stuff out and watched the 30 something fisherman on the edge of the water.  Apparently there are 50 some odd game fish in this one little area.  Then I climbed a tree in the blustery winds.  James took some pictures with his camera and I took some with mine.  Hopefully I can post some from his camera when the time comes.  And, of course, a video.  I didn’t get any of the big gusts of wind that really tossed me up in the tree, but you get the idea of how windy it was yesterday.