DAY 29

DAY 29

I chose today’s tree out of convenience. It was getting dark so I wanted to pick one close the house. Beside the house is a little pond with fish and two green benches. I usually sit there once a day to enjoy the view and think. Around the pond are a few young trees. Old enough for a decent climb but the trunks aren’t as big around as I am. This one tree in particular I could tell right away that it would be a good fast climb. I got up to the top and was able to move to another main branch. The trunk splits into 3 or 4 large branches and with the sway of the limbs I could almost get to all of them. I really love being in the tree tops and just moving with the wind.


5-3-08:  HAPPY DERBY 134!  I have a lot of things to get to here so let me get started…

Last year, on this date, I had a momentous body casting in packing tape and cellophane. 

Here Norman and I am wrapping his cousin, Gus.  I was aiming for a fetal pose. 

Then a brave soul let us do his head.  I don’t really remember his name…

Then we start on Norman.  He’s suppose to be in a creeping pose.  Like an animal on a branch.  I gave them beer as thanks for doing this.  Norman drank his with a straw. 

He had also had some coffee before and had to pee really bad by this point.  He couldn’t wait any longer and had Gus undo his button and zipper. 

He first tried to go in the toilet, but without the use of his arms felt it was too small of a target… hence the bath tub.  I won’t show you when he walked back in with his boxers at his ankles.  I got some good bodies out of that wrapping. 

This is the result of Norman’s wrapping.  I finished it with a new layer of black duct tape. 


Now for yesterday’s climb.  It rained buckets and I waited for a break.  It happened in the evening  when I was with James, Will, and Basil downtown for the gallery hop.  We never went hopping but we did go south one block from Will’s apartment and I climbed a tree.  They watched.

Have a good Derby everyone!  Go Manba!