DAY 23

DAY 23

A disappointing and scary climb. I picked a tree on the edge of a wood so only one side of the tree had decent branches. Plus, the first branch was so high I had to start way out where it hung down and shimmy towards the trunk. Once on that branch I could reach the second, but getting on that was hard and I was too scared to get to my feet. The third branch just wasn’t close enough and I was too high to risk it without a backup grip. So I gave up going high and walked out on the first branch as far as I could. I tied my ribbon and climbed down. I’m just frustrated I let my fear get the best of me because the treetop looked fun.

4-27-08:  It’s funny to read this because that day’s climb had a profound affect on how I climb now.  If a certain tree or move in a tree seems really hard, scary, and/or ridiculous I now have to do it.  Anytime I challenged myself it made that experience so much better and usually expanded my abilities. 

Yesterday I climbed a large tree with very shaggy bark.  It was a nice slow climb to the top with careful movements.  Then I took a video at the top of my view.  I would appreciate hearing what people like in these videos, what they don’t, and what other stuff they might like to see in my videos.

Then I went to Basil’s 19th birthday party.  Will and I amongst a house full of college freshmen.  It was actually a really fun party though at times a little strange.  Like when they all freaked out because there was a cop outside the house.  Then at the end of the night Basil left and we had to walk 3 or so miles to get home.  All in all a goon night though.