DAY 25

DAY 25

Today’s tree caused incredible frustration. I picked one right next to the retreat center by the parking lot. The first branch was an easy grab and from there, an easy climb up this large branch. I stopped when the branch started to get too thin but the trunk near by kept going up with plenty of branches shooting off of it. One branch was close enough for me to get over to the trunk and keep going but the height and fear made me get out the tape and tie it right there. After I marked my spot I felt I was being a wimp. The more I looked at my possible path up the more plausible it seemed. I could have kept going but I didn’t. I was scared. But since I have decided to climb every tree twice and take down my ribbons, I promised myself I’d go higher in this tree next time. And I better, ’cause I know I can, and I know if I do, I’ll love the experience and not come away feeling so frustrated that I let my fear control me.

4-29-08:  Yesterday I painted my bedroom a grey green otherwise known as Weatherfield Moss by the paint company.  It wore me out and I fell asleep on the couch after dinner.  When I awoke it was dark outside… and cold.  I layered up and put on some shoes.  I told my dad I’d be right back and went out the door and down the street to the new development I have been visiting so often lately.  Right away I was drawn to a tall tree among short bushes and fumbled my way to it.  A very young tree grows right next to it and helped me climb to the first large limb.  But from there, no other branches were close due to a series of vines that entangled and was slowly choking this tree to death.  But the vines were strong and coiled tightly around the trees main branches.  They felt soft and moist and smelled like mushrooms but held my body weight as I crept up higher into the tree.  I finally reached some smaller limbs to make the climb up easier but that didn’t last long.  I gave up on going higher and got in a comfortable position to take some pictures.  Just as I shot my first image, my cell phone began to vibrate.  I answered and it was my long time friend, Rickey.  He had just finished his finals for another semester of graduate statistics at U of K and was looking to relieve some pent up tensions.  I recommended climbing a tree, as I was already in one and felt nothing pent up inside me at all.  Rickey also expressed an interest in calling a certain woman but was apprehensive.  I said goodbye to him and asked him to let me know how his night turned out. 

Rickey called me back a half hour later telling me that he had called the woman and asked her to climb a tree.  To be honest, I had imagined some situation like that but never thought it would work.  He said I had inspired him in my daily tree climbing.  That not only did I recommend climbing a tree, but that I was in one when I recommended it.  Well, she agreed to climb a tree with him, last night… in the dark.  I’m glad I could help, Rickey. 

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  1. Great entry! I especially liked the sensory experience of reading about the mushroom smell and that part about me calling up the delightful woman.

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