August 2009 – Week 2

October 7th 2009 – I took quite the break from writing and taking pictures during this week. Though I must have had my camera on me most the time. I think I just need a break from the constant pressure I put on myself to record each climb. Sometimes it just feels better to get out, get in the limbs, and not worry about a thing.

DAY 857 08.08.09 – I climbed 6 or 7 trees in the woods off the trail at the Falls of the Ohio with Mark and Jeremy. I gave my camera to Mark to film it but it ran out of memory.

(a picture of Mark jumping on the rocks at the Falls using a special feature on my new camera)

DAY 858 08.09.09 – I climbed the maple tree at my parents’ house behind the tennis court. Two actually, a small one to start then transferred to an Elm(? not sure). A very dead tree grows next to it and shook very easily with little effort. My dad talked to me from the deck once he spotted me. Told me to be careful. Good thing he reminded me, cause otherwise I would have forgotten. (geez)

(I didn’t take pictures of the climb, but I did go the Skull Alley that night and took pictures of De Blennis doing stand-up and thought I’d share)

DAY 859 08.10.09 – Another thunderstorm. I waited, then when it was dark I walked to the Boys & Girls Club on Story Ave. and climbed a very wet tree next to the fence. It was hidden behind another tree and I had never noticed it before. I scared a squirrel when I reached the top. No pictures the last few climbs.

(Speaking of the B&G Club… I designed a mural while I was at the Governor’s School for the Arts program in 1998. The visual arts group painted it at the club. I remember spending most of my time painting the palm trees and the rocks by the water fall. I finally came back 11 years later and took pictures of it.)

DAY 860 08.11.09 – A Hackberry tree just on the other side of the fence to the interstate off Adams Street at the bend. I crawled up an overhanging limb and went up to the top. I did not have my camera. It was rough on my hands and felt good. (I guess I like it rough)

DAY 861 08.12.09 – An Oak tree just off Roy Wilkins south of Market Street in a parking lot behind the new building opposite Glassworks. Twigs were very poky. I got to the top and took pictures. I am getting better with the low light situations. Still not great though. Then I went back to the studio.

DAY 862 08.13.09 – Beech tree off St. Matthew’s trail by Mall. Tall and straight, slug juice on my pants. Swayed, took pictures, and watched a woman and her dog walk by and completely not notice me. Love it. 

DAY 863 08.14.09 – Maple at parents’ house in backyard by fence. In the dark. So dark that I decided and I might as well just go completely blind. I shut my eyes and climbed down using my sense of touch. It was challenging and hard to fight the urge to open my eyes. And at the bottom couldn’t fight it and ended up opening them to get to the ground. Oh well. It was quite difficult even though I have climbed that tree many times.

(Another completely unrelated picture I had taken earlier that day. And, it’s another cicada. I love them and my Macro function on my camera)