DAY 206

DAY 206
TREE 130

Today was a long day.  I got up at 7 and got ready, drove to Greenhaven to get paperwork and uniforms for my new job.  Then I picked up a pumpkin pie for the potluck reception at Carden’s wedding.  I unloaded a bunch of stuff from my studio to my parents’ garage then ate, showered, and drove fast to the wedding.  Today was so grey and chilly, it never changed.  9am, 1 pm, 5pm, they all looked the same, but the ceremony was really nice.  Small, with good words said.  I also got to see friends I have not seen in a while [Rickey, Peter, Dustin, and Colin].  It was good to catch up.  When it was over I headed back to my parents and watched football with my dad.  I got a little nap then ate a little dinner.  By 9:30pm I hadn’t climbed so I had to figure out how to fit it in tonight.  I was planning to meet some friends at the BBC so I drove to Seneca Park.  I parked near the tennis courts and across the field, towards the playground, I noticed three really tall pines.  I was wearing crappy clothes so I figured I could handle some sap.  And I wanted a good high climb.  As I approached the trees I heard voices on the playground.  Drunk teenagers.  I was quiet and avoided detection.  I climbed up into the tree and immediately the trunk split into two trunks.  Climbing is easy on a pine since each year limbs grow out in a ring, like bamboo sections.  A little ways up one of the trunks split again so I had three main paths to choose from.  Luckily they were close enough that I could use two and alternate steps.  I was aiming for the one to get the highest so after switching back and forth a few times, chose my trunk and went to reached the highest top. 

I took a seat on some strong but little branches.  The night sky was clearing from the day’s clouds and the strong light from the tennis courts lit everything up. 

I tried to get some good pictures but it was just so shaky up on such a thin treetop. 

What a view, though, and what a seat!  I enjoyed this climb.  It’s nice to climb something so different since I usually avoid evergreens. 

And the sap wasn’t too bad at all, I had just a few spots on my hands, which actually just made them smell good.  I climbed down and the darkness made it a little difficult.  I broke quite a few limbs on the way down, but it was fun and a good, long day. 

10-28-08:  Happy anniversary to Carden and Courtney.  It’s been one year and we have not seen each other enough.  I hope you guys have a very restful off season.

That pine tree I climbed back then had since lost one of it’s main trunks due to high winds.  But not before I reclimbed it.

On Sunday I went for a bike ride with MaryLiz through Cherokee Park.  I am all about the hills, and I mean the up hills.  I love the challenge and that I know it is making me stronger.  I push it up them as hard and as fast as I can.  Then on the down hill I go slow since I don’t have brakes.  This also strengthens my legs as I resist against the rotation of the pedals.  MaryLiz, however, was not too happy about the hills.  When we got to Big Rock she wanted to stop for some water then we walked down to the creek.  I figured I would take this break and climb a tree.  MaryLiz sat by the water and I climbed up a tree just feet away.  It was challenge getting into the first few branches, but once I solved that problem it was pretty easy up to the top. 

I am not sure what type of tree it was but it had clumps of seeds everywhere. 

When I shook a branch the seeds fell and spun to the ground like the maple helicopter seeds.  They aren’t exactly shaped the same but they worked they same.  I was a little surprised to see that other seeds did this.  Since there were so many on the branches I thought I would finally make a video of the raining seeds. 



In the process a couple was walking by and saw all the seeds coming down.  I think a few hit them and they looked up and saw me at the top.  They didn’t say anything and I am not sure what they were thinking.  MaryLiz just sat at the edge of the water motionless, probably catching her breath. 

I took a few more pictures of the pretty evening then made my way down.  I had to meet my parents for dinner at Ramsi’s in just minutes so I said goodbye to MaryLiz and sped off to eat.