DAY 181

DAY 181

I left for Louisville just before 7.  Hoping for a nice sunset, but I didn’t get one.  I parked by Hogan’s Fountain then walked to where I remembered I had climbed.  But there are a lot of beech trees in this area.  I had to go by memory and a mental image of the picture I had taken on the first climb.  That second day of July when Rachel was here and we climbed two trees.  I picked the tree that I hoped was it.  I felt kind of rushed since the sunlight was fading fast.  But I figure, if this ain’t it, I’ll just climb till I find it.  When I got to the trunk I remembered all the spiders last time.  And this tree didn’t have any.  I pulled myself up and climbed quickly and easily through the branches. 

I remembered breaking a branch up high so I was looking for that, but didn’t see it.  I also kept looking up for my green ribbon.  Nothing.  As I got to the top of the tree I did see something different in the fading light… a white ribbon. 

Oh yeah!  I had forgotten to switch to a different color on July 1st but remembered July 2nd.  I had picked the correct tree.  Once again my gut proves correct.  I shouldn’t look for clues or follow logic, just go where I feel in my gut it’s right.  I took some pictures then selected a leaf. 

I was surprised to see not one discolored or ailing leaf.  They were still healthy and green.  I stuck one in my wallet then climbed down.  The climbs have been quick lately as I’ve been on my way to other things.  Unfortunately I didn’t improve on my climb or add a transfer to another tree.  It was easy and the pictures difficult.  I look forward to tomorrow’s tree. 

10-4-08:  I have been having so much trouble keeping up with my daily entries lately.  So I will be doing three entries today… sorry to throw so much at you at once.  But with moving and unpacking and Rachel visiting, I just haven’t found the time.  Oh yeah, and I didn’t have internet for a while. 

It is strange, though, how things have overlapped.  What I mean is… in the above entry there is discussion of Rachel visiting on the first climb of the tree, and now she is visiting.  More congruencies have shown and I will get to them in future entries.

On the 1st of October was my first day in my new house on Washington Street in Butchertown.  I have 3 great trees in my yard.  One maple, which I have climbed twice now, a holly, which I have climbed once, and a Ginkgo which I chose to climb Wednesday morning. 

I usually save very convenient trees for really cold, rainy, or time crunched days.  But I just couldn’t resist this tree.  Plus, with these being my trees now I have a feeling I will be climb them many more times.  I feel like I should warn my neighbors that I may often be spotted in trees and to not worry. 

Anyway, I climbed onto the low branch pictured on the left side of the tree.  I went up a few limbs then transferred over to the middle section.  Not too far up from there is a scar from where a large branch used to be.  It was blown down in the storm and left a big hole is the foliage. 

Luckily that was the only damage in this tree.  I have found that Ginkgo limbs are quite bendy and I don’t like to put too much weight out from the trunk.  That bendiness can either help in high winds or hurt, but I haven’t figured out which is the case. 

I climbed up higher and had some good views of the house.

Then looking around the neighborhood I could see the Butchertown Market building but not much else besides tree tops.

I sat for a while in the tree to wait for the mailman to pass by.  I was wearing a very bright violet sweatshirt but was high enough to not be spotted.  Once the coast was clear I climbed back down.  I was tempted to climb onto the roof since one of the branches hangs over it, but I thought I would save that for another day.

What I can’t wait for is when the Ginkgo leaves turn yellow then fall all at once.  It is like a special event where all the leaves on the tree fall in a day.  Since my bedroom is the front room on the first floor I have a prime spot to view the event.  I am very excited that the 3 trees at my house are all climbable.  One may have poky leaves, but they are largely avoidable.  Besides the poor insulation in the house… I am totally psyched to be living here.