DAY 59

DAY 59

As I crossed the concrete dam on the Mount St. Francis lake I eyed a large pine with vines growing on it. It was nice and tall with plenty of branches that went all the way to the top, but so many were dry, missing bark, and looked as if they would break easily. But I had to try. I followed my rule on small and dead branches: hug the trunk, the closer the better. Luckily I had no breaks and the climb was slow, dirty, and sappy. But I pushed pass all the tough spots and went higher and higher. I’ve always wanted to truly reach the top of a tree. To be above the highest leaf and like a star on a Christmas tree, look out over the world below. And I got there! Holding on to a thin, bendy branch I carefully marked my spot, took out my camera and recorded the fantastic view. This was truly a memorable accomplishment. A real highlight so far.

6-2-08:  That was a really awesome climb.  I know I have definitely come close again, but I am not sure if I have ever climbed another tree where my head was higher than the tree.  It was also my first self portrait in a tree.  I wonder if that vain on the side of my forehead is often that pronounced when I climb?

Yesterday I also climbed at the Mount.  I was there to help Michelle Amos take down her show and to patch the walls and paint.  I have a little job as Gallery Attendant there when shoes go up and down.  After I finished I went down to the lake and sat in the sun with my feet in the water.  It was beautiful yesterday.  Then I went up by the Friary and climbed an oak off the main drive.  It was not too big of a tree but full of limbs that I had to snake through.  With all the close contact my skin reacted to something on that tree and I got some red bumps on my legs.  Anyway, here are two pictures and a video: