DAY 55


DAY 55

With today’s tree it is debatable whether it is one or two trees. Ultimately I chose to categorize it as one tree with two trunks. Since they are joined at the base, I figured they come from one seed. Why does it matter? Well the far trunk from the field with the ropes course was the only one with the branch I could reach. But it was also the shorter of the trunks and since I always try to go as high as possible I switched trunks. The branches were strong but looked weak and bent. I was weary of some of the smaller ones and made sure to hold and stand as close to the trunk as possible. There were also many spiders, webs, and ants in the tree. And many leaves which lightly brushed against my skin and kind of felt like an ant or spider crawling. I got all the way to the top and tried to see how high I was, but the foliage was so thick I couldn’t see the ground directly below. I did have a little view out from my position. It was a pretty convenient tree, a good climb, and I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed it before.

5-29-08:  I am so concerned with accurate bookkeeping.  But to be honest, I lost count of the number of trees.  I just keep track of the days.  Which is 420 once I climb today.  Smoke a bowl!  (A “bowl” right?)  I think that’s why I said Will smoked a doobie.  To be more vague I could just say “smoke drugs.”  (Mom and dad, I am being completely facetious… no need to be worried about me or my friends.)

Speaking of my parents… it’s their anniversary today, 37 years strong.  Nice job!

And of course, yesterday I climbed a tree at U of L.  At first I thought it was a sycamore because of the bark and tree structure… but then saw that it wasn’t because of the leaves.  I’ll have to do some research but U of L has some tree types I have never encountered before.  College campuses are always good about their tree variety.

Some pictures: